This is just a sampling of the many wonderful Artifacts in our Store!
Handmade Native American Baskets in every shape & size.  Bows, Arrows, Quivers, Shields, Bustles, Headdresses, Warshirts, Horsehair Bustles, Dreamcatchers, Dance Sticks, Flutes, Fetishes, Rattles,

Ceremonial Fans, Navajo Folk Art, Contemporary Art, Sand Art, Beaded Bags, Sage Bundles,
Sweetgrass Braids, Native American Herbal Teas and Beautiful Handmade Soaps by LatherYouUp!

Native American

Arts & Crafts

Owner - Steve Nelson

We also carry a vast assortment of Decorative Knives; Antler, Scrimshaw & Damascus Steel Blades.

Gold Bear Trading Company

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